peaches and cream

Five Popsicle Recipes Using Fresh Peaches

Dudes, it’s peach season. Peaches are ripe, affordable, sweet and delicious. We needed more excuses to eat more peaches and beat the heat, so we went in search of popsicles using fresh peaches. The hardest part about making popsicles at [...]

What’s the Deal with Ketchup?

Here’s a great video from TEDed explaining how weird ketchup’s behavior is and why it’s so hard to pour. It doesn’t mention it, but the video also explains why, when we squeeze out ketchup we often get that watery stuff [...]

Frozen Bananas on a Stick

There are lots of great recipes for frozen bananas online, but we liked this one because of its simplicity. You’ll need three ingredients, bananas, dark chocolate, and chopped nuts. Check it out!

World Oceans Day is Sunday June 8th

This Sunday, on World Oceans Day, people around the planet will celebrate and honor the body of water that links all of us, for its beauty and bounty. The Ocean Project and The World Ocean Network have promoted and coordinated this growing [...]

Nervous? Strike a Power Pose

It is a common story. Something extra-stressful is coming up. Maybe it’s a test, an interview, a presentation in front of the class, and you focus on the worst possible result. So your stress levels increase and your body reacts by giving [...]

Vintage Cartoon — Beany & Cecil

Beany and Cecil was an animated cartoon series created by Bob Clampett which first aired in 1959. The show featured Beany Boy who wears a propeller beanie that allows him to fly, and Cecil the Seasick Sea Serpent, a large green sea [...]

New Korean Animated Short — Johnny Express

Korean motion graphics studio Alfred Imageworks has released a hilarious new animated short, Johnny Express. It’s 2150. There are all sorts of Aliens living throughout space. Johnny is a Space Delivery Man who travels to different [...]

How Ships Safely Navigate Under Bridges

Every day hundreds of container ships enter and leave U.S. ports. But navigating in and out is tricky business. With shallow waters, ship traffic, and bridges, ports can be a real obstacle course. How does a huge ship actually fit under a bridge? [...]

Hypnotizing Time Lapse Micro Photography

Sometimes we have to take a moment to appreciate nature’s mysteries. These creatures, which are filmed very close up, really do look like aliens from another planet. This stop motion micro photography of animals of the Great Barrier Reef [...]

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Day

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Day (yesterday) was a huge success. Because it was streamed live from London, England, some of us in other time zones were unable to watch it! Have no fear, Jamie’s peeps have uploaded the video so [...]

A Little About — Manatees

In honor of Endangered Species Day we’re sharing this new video from NOAA’s National Ocean Service about one animal that everybody loves, the manatee. There are three types of manatees worldwide and all three are listed as vulnerable [...]

Could Godzilla Exist?

VSauce3 takes on the the question “Could Godzilla Exist?”

How Bones Change in Microgravity

Three astronauts who had spent six months aboard the International Space Station returned to Earth yesterday. Search and recovery forces soon converged on the Russian Soyuz space capsule which was charred by extreme heat on re-entry, and opened [...]

Food Revolution Day & A Recipe for Salmon Fishcakes

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Day is this Friday, May 16th. To get us in the mood to get kids excited about food, we’re sharing this video on how to make delicious salmon fishcakes. Find out more about Food Revolution Day below [...]