How to Use a Sketchbook — Via Shoo Rayner

Shoo Rayner, our friend from the UK, has posted a lovely video encouraging people to use their sketchbooks. Whether you have an interest in cartooning or fine art, every artist will advise you that you must draw a lot. A sketchbook is just [...]

How to Draw Om Nom from Cut the Rope

Zepto Lab, the makers of Cut the Rope, have a pretty fun YouTube channel. We like their how-to-draw videos that take the viewer from a detailed hand drawn sketch to finishing it up digitally.

Drawing Easter Stuff with Shoo Rayner

If you’re gearing up to make Easter decorations or cards and need some inspiration, look no further than our friend, Shoo Rayner. He’s got a boat load of drawing videos dedicated to the Easter or Springtime theme. We’ve posted [...]

Websites We Love — Simon’s Cat

We hope you’ve never heard of Simon’s Cat because that would mean you’re in for a huge treat. From the Simon’s Cat website: What is Simon’s Cat? Simon’s Cat is a charming, yet mischievous cat that lives with [...]