Teen Events Coming up at Eugene Public Library

There are a couple of fun one time events are taking place in June at the Eugene Public Library. We’re highlighting the activities for teens below. If you’d like to see what’s up for younger children please click here. While [...]

Frozen Bananas on a Stick

There are lots of great recipes for frozen bananas online, but we liked this one because of its simplicity. You’ll need three ingredients, bananas, dark chocolate, and chopped nuts. Check it out!

World Oceans Day is Sunday June 8th

This Sunday, on World Oceans Day, people around the planet will celebrate and honor the body of water that links all of us, for its beauty and bounty. The Ocean Project and The World Ocean Network have promoted and coordinated this growing [...]

NASA’s Earth Day ‘Global Selfie’ Mosaic

On Earth Day this year, NASA asked people all around the world a simple question – “Where are you on Earth Right Now?” From NASA: We asked people to answer the question on social media, with a selfie. The goal was to use each picture [...]

Nervous? Strike a Power Pose

It is a common story. Something extra-stressful is coming up. Maybe it’s a test, an interview, a presentation in front of the class, and you focus on the worst possible result. So your stress levels increase and your body reacts by giving [...]

Vintage Cartoon — Beany & Cecil

Beany and Cecil was an animated cartoon series created by Bob Clampett which first aired in 1959. The show featured Beany Boy who wears a propeller beanie that allows him to fly, and Cecil the Seasick Sea Serpent, a large green sea [...]

Invasion of the Yellow Crazy Ants via Minute Earth

Minute Earth has just released a new video explaining how some invasive species of plants and animals have wrecked havoc on our eco system, and what we can do to stop it, or slow it down. If you’re over 13 be sure to subscribe to Minute [...]

Independent Bookstores’ Summer 2014 Reading List

We love summer reading lists! Today we’re thrilled to share the 2014 Summer Kids’ Indie Next List via the American Booksellers Association. All Next List picks are based on recommendations from booksellers at independent bookstores [...]

Sea Salt Cubes in the Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is a giant, super-saline lake at the lowest spot on Earth. And its beaches appear to be pebbled with perfect little cubes of salt.  From Science Alert: These cubes form because of the geometry of the salt’s chemical bonds [...]

The Amazing Discovery of Richard III’s Remains

Richard III, who ruled England from 1483 to 1485, was the last British king to die on the battlefield and until recently no one knew where he was buried. A group of Richard III devotees called The Richard III Society felt that he was getting [...]

Khan Academy & NASA Announce Collaboration

We were pretty excited this week to hear that NASA and Khan Academy have joined forces. This new section of Khan Academy contains a series of tutorials on astronomy and space exploration developed in collaboration with NASA. Mashable reports [...]

New Crew Floats Into the Space Station

A new crew has made it safely to the International Space Station and it’s a reminder to us that one doesn’t simply stroll into the ISS, your float into it! It’s also heartwarming to see that at the ISS, all nations get along. Watch [...]

Adidas Brazuca — FIFA 2014 World Cup Ball

We’re pretty excited about 2014 World Cup Brazil which begins June 12th. As Anglophiles we’ll even go so far as to call it “football” since the rest of the world calls it such. Every four years the official match ball [...]

Let’s do the Time Warp with Doctor Who

The Hillywood Show is the brainchild of internet celebrities, comedy sister duo Hilly & Hannah Hindi. Each parody features song & dance parodies of blockbuster films such as Twilight and Harry Potter along with popular TV shows & [...]